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Daily Monster Waves of Porn

Monster Wave

There is a rare natural phenomenon that is both mysterious and dangerous: “Monster Waves” (also known as rogue waves, freak waves, episodic waves, killer waves, extreme waves, and abnormal waves). They occur when several waves travel with a different speed so at one point they add up to a single, huge one. The impact of such monster waves can be devastating for everything that crosses it, mainly all kinds of ships. Here is a list of reported ship damages and destruction caused by monster waves: Even for modern ships they put around 10 times more pressure on them than they are usually designed for.

In porn, we sometimes observe very similar events: When users of different time zones, use porn sites at different (local) times of the day, their behavior can lead to what we call “the daily monster waves of porn”. These waves face porn sites with exceptional challenges. At sea, travel ships have to be prepared for these monster waves in order to survive, in online porn it is about the servers. They need to be prepared for enormous amounts of users streaming an outstanding amount of videos, rather than the average pressure.

In this article we will investigate how these monster waves of porn look like and how they emerge. Based on PornHD data from the last 3 months (December 2015 to February 2016), we’ll take a deep look into the habits of different countries when it comes to watching porn, and we will unveil which countries are responsible for the monster waves.


The Twin Peaks of PornHD

PornHD is a website with users all over the globe. From the land of the rising sun to the Wild West, people are watching our porn videos – but usually not at the same time. While the users in Tokyo log in at 10 pm, the people in New York are just turning off their 8 am alarms. So you might assume that there is constant usage of PornHD through the day. But the user flow is far from being constant. In fact, we observe 2 major traffic peaks every single day – the monster waves of porn.

Global Monster Wave

The peaks occur at 5 pm and 11 pm (UTC).  So, during the first peak the clock shows 2 am in Tokyo, 6 pm in Rome and 12 am in New York. During the second wave it is 8 am in Tokyo, Midnight in Rome and 6 pm in New York. But the question is: Who is causing these peaks?


The UTC Midnight Peak

Let’s start with the smaller one from 11 to 12 pm UTC. If we take a look at the PornHD-usage / local daytime for different countries, we see that many countries show the expected behavior with a single peak right before midnight.

Night Peak

The list of countries with such a patterns contains France, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, India, Poland, Thailand and the United Arabic Emirates (along with many others).

In these countries, porn belongs to the night with very clear peaks at 11 pm local time – nothing too exciting. But can this serve as an explanation for the Monster waves? Partially, Yes. As a matter of fact, 10 out of the top 20 countries (in terms of visits) are located in Europe. So it is not surprising that the second peak happens between 11pm and 1 am in Europe.


The UTC After Work Peak

But what about the other peak, which is even slightly higher then the “European Night Peak”? During this peak it is between 9 and 12 am in the US and afternoon in Europe. The time would be right in parts of Asia (around midnight in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore), but this is only one part of the story, since these countries form only a minority compared to the user numbers in Europe or the US. So some countries seem to deviate from the ordinary.

As you can see in the graph below, several countries with the highest usage have an unusual behavior, namely USA, Germany and Italy.

Unusual Traffic Behavior

The passionate Italians have a peak from 2 to 6 pm. Italy is one of the countries known for having a “siesta” – they just call it “pisolino”. After enjoying lunch, many shops are closed for around two hours. Time to find some relaxation by watching porn, as it seems. But even if you can’t lay back during pisolino, you can watch porn at work anyway. After all, Italy’s highest court ruled that watching porn during lunch break is not a sackable offence.

Germany is already harder to explain. 4 pm? It seems that the German law is stricter when it comes to adult entertainment than the Italian one. At least it occurred that around 25.000 German citizens received warning letters for watching copyrighted porn. So maybe they find it safer to watch porn right before they leave the office, rather than getting traced back after watching it at home.

And what about the US? We see peaks, where the first one at 12 o’clock is even a little higher than the second one. Well, the United States are quite big and have several different time zones.  So during the first peak it is 1 pm in New York and 10 am in LA; during the second it’s midnight in NY and 9 PM on the west coast. So the second one might be expected. But what’s about the first one? A closer look gives additional insights (US regions):

US Regions Traffic Behavior

Both California and New York show several peaks through the day: 10 am, 12 am, 3pm, 4 pm…. Regardless of the specific area, the US-Americans like to watch porn at every time of the day.



There are 2 “Monster Waves of Porn” every day on PornHD. One of them is caused by “the Europeans”, who simply form a gigantic base when they unite in the night hours around midnight (UTC). The other wave between 5 and 6 pm (UTC) is, however, a true mixture of different factors. “Porn Prime Time” in some Asian countries adds up with the After-Lunch-Peaks in Germany and Italy plus the “All-Day-Long-Attitude” of the US-Americans. So we see that there are very different habits in different cultures when it comes to watching porn. Because of these differences we experience monster waves of porn.


Natural monster waves are highly unpredictable and modern shipbuilders are just starting to learn how to handle them. In porn, however, we know what we can expect – and we are well prepared. So come on, hit us!