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There were crisis accrued to toys in the previous years in the porn industry. There are varieties of stories and issues surrounding toys like the fact that some toys was been recalled for lead paint or sometimes chewing someone’s fingers off or other hazard. Well, we think the adult industry is recording much story of toy crisis. Most adult toys used by male and female are often made from plastic. Well, it means nothing being that way, there was even some controversy about Phthalates. Phthalates might sound like a name of one Greek hero, but in the real sense, it is just a plastic made softeners which are mostly used in making jelly like adult toys like butt plugs and vibration, dildo and other sex toys you can find in the sex toy market. Unfortunately, there are issues of researches about them on their danger to animal’s health ranging from hormonal and reproductive issues to tumors, and kidneys and the liver problem. Though there are yet to be any proven evidence of the adult toy’s effect on human, and what we are quite sure of is that Phthalates can produce more of jelly-like sex toys over time, we just need to be careful. Have you ever check on an old sex toy and you and discover it’s been sweating since last use? Well, we all know what the sweat means? The good news here now is that sex toy industries are branding up and creating a lot of awareness on the safety of adult sex toys. If you want to stay clear of these infernal Phthalates and still use other varieties of adult sex toys, just ensure to use the one with 100% platinum silicone or tin silicone, while hard adult sex toys should be fine too. Hopefully this info would go a long way in helping you to get the best adult sex toy. Play safe, explore and take a journey on the wild side with an adult sex toy. It’s fun. It’s pleasure. Enjoy!
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