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There have been many occasions where people were caught for public sex. If you often visit our site, you would surely know that public sex is so much fun. Even though we all know it’s a fun experience to have. It is not always as easy as we think. There are stories of public sex turn sour. One was the story of a Canadian couple caught having sex in public, another story is a sex between a 20 year old man and a 23 year old woman on a park bench around new jersey. Both of them were charged for indecency. There is also a story involving a 40 year old man and a 21 year old woman who were caught having a public sex at a Miami Beach. One thing these stories have in common is the fact that public sex is dangerous and not lawfully accepted. But we love public sex, and we can’t afford to lose the fun and pleasure accrued to it. This has given us some few ideas about the safer locations where you can enjoy your public sex, though they are still risky but at least it’s worth the risk. The number one location is your car. This is a very perfect place for public sex. Most guys love the fun and pleasure accompanied with having sex in the car. The cowgirl position is the best suggested style to enjoy in your car since space is limited. You can also try out the fitting room. just make sure people don’t catch you. Utility closet is yet another option for your public sex. It's still considered as a public space. Just ensure you are not caught too. Perhaps you are in the college or high school. you can try out the lecture halls. It is also a public you know. Just make sure they are empty and with no traces of anyone around, or-else you may get caught. Movie theatre is a perfect place to enjoy your public sex especially at evening shows. If you play safe, you will only be got caught by the other guy fucking his babe. And lastly, the most recommended and safest alternative for you to enjoy public sex is to visit our site and explore the best of public sex, enjoy!
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