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MFM - Male-Female-Male

Imagine a female being stuck between two big dicks? Introducing male female male often abbreviated at MFM. Or let’s call it threesome. The first time I checked this MFM category in porn HD, I couldn’t just stop thinking. I mean, I could not stop thinking after my dick has got so hard. Well for the newbies, what is MFM? MFM known as male-female-male is a sex initiative involving a hot female doing some stuff with two male dicks. You can call it threesomes too. So let’s talk about the fact accrued to MFM, according to statistics, an average couple who decides to add a third party into their sexual relationship must have been together for a minimum of seven years. Now I don’t really care much about the seven years itch, but it seems like MFM happens when the couples are much secure or horny enough to pursue another partner. MFM is mostly initiated by male in relationship. Of course, he would be the one to bring out this idea to his woman while spending much time to warm her up to the new idea. It’s either he has his way or get chewed out by her. A large percentage of threesomes are involved between two male and one female, just like 2 dicks in 1 pussy. I imagine why the high percentage because females can be competitive when it comes to dicks. Also statistics has made it known that in the United States alone. Over four hundred thousand couples are engaged in MFM threesomes each and every month. Wow! Can’t imagine the numbers of sucking, fucking and licking. So, it’s now obvious that MFM threesome is pretty common. And there is no better site that can handle this MFM porn genre other than porn HD. They offer guys the fantasies attached to sharing one hot pussy, its love, sharing is love. The hot chicks has enough dick and cum for her-self. Enjoy MFM!
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