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For those who view porn regularly, the word “hairy pussy won’t” ever be strange. Let’s take a walk into the world of hairy pussy. We are talking about women blessed with full bushes. Back then, there wasn’t any hairy niche in the porn world. This is because all of our women had the hairy kind of pussies, so there is nothing special about them. In-fact it was the shaved pussy considered to be different. Women with no hairy pussy were considered special and recognized. Most of the porn stars back then in the 70s had full hairy Hot Bush. It was normality, not until when everything begins to change. It was after the 80s that noticeable changes started occurring. Though hairy pussy was still gaining much ground but porn-stars had already started trimming their hairy pussies a bit. They took care of them like ornamental hedges. The changes now became crystal clear around the 90s when most women migrated from manicured pussies to landing strips, and later on to a newly complete shaved pussy. This change didn’t just occur in the porn niche, but also among women generally. Then women started getting their hairy pussies shaved and waxed, mostly with Brazilian wax. At the 21st century women now finally refused to be any hairy. All we now see is shaved pussies, and this has been heartbreaking for the guys who love hairy pussy. Everything appeared like the hairy pussy is going in extinction. And then there was a shift. Later on, hairy pussies regained strength and made a comeback, though it wasn’t a full comeback like the 70s, but at least a noticeable one. We are able to see women with hairy pussies, and we are happy about that. Even though we now have hairy pussies all around us, this doesn’t guarantee that it has come to stay. So try and explore the world of hairy pussy by visiting our site. Enjoy them while it lasts, who knows?
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