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Face Fuck - Let the face take all of what's left

Face fuck videos can be seen on Porn HD - but can also be performed in real life. We've all seen face fuck videos of guys holding the girls by the head and forcing them to deep throat. If this is your style of action and you can't wait to give your partner a face fuck - read this below. Every girl takes a face fuck like in a pain and torment and seems like they don't want it at all but just do it for the fame. However, girls actually LOVE getting a face fuck and getting the dick up to their throat to show them who is in control. Are you up for a face fuck soon? If yes, it will make your girl crave for your cock inside her pussy and ass even more - just as the porn stars at Porn HD crave for a face fuck every time a massive cock stands in their way. Face fuck is not at all about disrespecting women - in fact, it is all about showing control and domination. What starts as a simple blowjob can lead to a face fuck quick, with the cock deep throated and shrugged off as nothing happened. Face fuck in porn is a glorified action. It is one of the best arousals for men - as you can see in our face fuck videos - but also showing women the real size of a cock measured up in their throat. And can the porn stars take even the most massive cocks with a face fuck? Yes - as easy as ABC. Gagging and choking a lady with a face fuck should however be done in a cautious and gentle way. Starting off as a blowjob and going to the utmost pleasure, a face fuck is best performed with a guy holding the back of the head of a girl with one hand, and slightly pressuring the cock inside the mouth gently. Do you want to be in control and face fuck your girl? Or you maybe want her to be facesitting on you? Either way you choose - you can mix the fun up and be ready for a facial - or maybe a titfuck afterwards? Get inspired with our face fuck porn now - and see the best of porn star action! Face fucking has gotten a bit of a weird vibe in the past years - and in fact to shoot a nice face fuck scene all parties involved need to be on top of their game, else it either looks to forced (literally) or just too awkward. And don't even get me started on the camera angle, a good face fuck need the right angle goddamnit. It's all about that eye contact after all!
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